The Power of Peace

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace” 

-Jimi Hendrix

When I was in high school, I was first in line to be rattled up, make signs or speak out about injustice. I’m a Libra and a millennial after all, caring about what’s fair, whether it was a family feud or societal injustice flows through my veins. But, as I have grown, especially in my meditation practice and connection to creation, I find myself in a place of non-resistance. 

When I was learning about non-violent, non-resistance in school I was so triggered by it. It wasn’t right, how could you be against something by doing nothing? How could someone not stand up against what isn’t right?

 In recent years, I have made a commitment to myself to practice patience, especially, learning to think before I speak. This has been like learning how to walk. Speaking impulsively was so ingrained in my identity that it has taken long to release, years.

But, as the past week in honor of George Floyd and BLM has been unfolding, I found myself retreated. I have isolated myself, fasted, meditated for hours at a time. And I realized, that patience practice brought me into non-resistance. In my withdrawal came the answer.

First of all, non-violent, non resistance is a form of peace cultivation. You find the peace within you as it grows and you surrender to all that is. What lives inside all of us is the same, we all have that connection, it has just been covered up. That peace that we are seeking in the world, lives inside each of us.

So, why do bad things happen? Why are we triggered? Why the hate? The life created by society and the veil we call reality is upheld by all of us, we all play into it, thinking it’s real. When we have an emotional response, it is an invitation to learn. What does learning have to do with unity? We must release any programming that tells us that we are not already one. We all are one, that is why when one person feels pain, we can feel it too.

 To find and experience this world in peace, we disconnect from the outer world and connect to our own experience.To retreat, is to find peace within. If you do this, you will remember, and become one with the absolute, all hate vanishes, all injustice vanishes and all the veils are seen for what they are. 

Many have stepped forward, showing that they are ready for deep change. Deep change is here. Retreat and discover your personal revolution. As veil gets lifted and you will remember, we are all already one.

To honor this movement, I have decided to be silent for 12 hours on Sunday. Join me if you like.

“When the love for ourselves reveals the power within, the world will know peace.” -Amador


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