Expressive Action

What does it mean, expressive action? 

To be pulled, drawn to something, magnetically pulled to do something without really having to think about it. When we are hit with the blessing of expressive action, flow finds us. It's that moment, like we see in the movies, where a writer gets hit with a lightning bolt of inspiration, rushes back to their dark and cozy apartment and gets to typing. As an audience, we are fully engaged with these scenes, although typically there's no dialogue, it is the expressive action that we can't take our eyes off of. We've all experienced it in some form, and many could argue that we want more of that to live a fulfilled life. 

I awoke similarly this morning with those words in the haze between dream land and my consciousness returning to the place and body in my room. Expressive Action. That's what happens, that's the name of the lightning bolt that hits. 

Have you ever been in a relationship, maybe it's fresh, maybe it's your high school sweetheart, and you get the bolt, the inspiration to make them something. It doesn't have to be Valentine's Day, it could be a random night and you just get the hit to do it. You don't really even think about it as the the idea hits you, bake them a cake, make them a card, send them something special. There's no should hereIt's purely for the sake of expressive action. 

In another example the impulse of expressive action pull directly on us for us. I'd argue that going for a run has a similar feeling, it pulls at you until your running shoes hit the pavement and express their desire to run.

When we follow through on the calls of expressive action, we are allowing our creativity to be expressed through action. This feeling is romantic, it is electric and it is not to be questioned. Questioning these lightning bolts of inspiration will make them come less and less. 

If you have not experienced this kind of creative impulse in a while and would like to I'd offer that you sit and say a little prayer, conscious intention or just sit with yourself and say I'm ready to experience some expressive action, nod your head yes as you close your eyes and send that wish into your field. 

What are some of the expressive actions you've been pulled to do lately? Can you think of an expressive action that connected you even more to nature, another person, or led you to something magical? 

Please share your experiences in comments below, I'd love to know! 


XO, Daniela 



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