8 Hours in a Float Tank

I am no longer trying. Not trying to live by the standards of the culture or society I am a part of. I am no longer trying uphold expectations or traditions of the past. I am no longer trying to fit in or approaching life from a sense of obligatory effort.

That’s what trying is, obligatory effort.

It’s the means in which you must go through to create a certain outcome or result. I’m done. I wish to live fully from a place of inspiration. To be pulled to take action towards what I want and know how to make it happen.

This new found sense of certainty and liberation came to me in a float tank.

A couple weeks ago, on a trip to San Diego I got to visit my favorite spot, Float North County. In February 2022 I’d done a long float, seven consecutive hours, and 18 months later, I was inspired to do it again.

Going into a float tank is perfect for people who are constantly doing. 

It’s a way to surrender to the now and a place where no action can be taken.

Prior to getting into the tank, it was hard not to think it’d be like the last time. My previous experience felt like 3 hours of hard core processing, untangling of thoughts and then, a bridge path to a higher state welcomed me to meet different aspects of my consciousness. Then the rest of it went by in a flash and I thought I had five hours left when the music went off.

On the day of my float, I got to Float North County just before noon and went through the logistics with Angelo. He’s their manager and has been with the place for years. He’s the kind of person who remembers you and treats you like I just saw him last week. One of the reasons I love this place is because of the quality of the attention to detail.

As you can imagine, I’m a float nut and I have floated at many places in the US and in Mexico. This is the best spot.

Because of how my morning went prior to my long float, I was super relaxed and when I got into the tank, it only took me about five to ten minutes to get into a deep state of relaxation. I was given extra flotation devices, rings and noodles and a pillow to help me stay propped up. I like to turn off all the lights and music and just feel the thick water and epsom salt create a layer of softness around my skin.

Floating for 90 minutes to three hours is great. You experience that return to yourself, but what happens after you are in a tank for three hours and you don’t leave?

I’m a huge advocate for meditating on my own, without guidance. It’s what I do every day and the way I’ve come to experience a higher level of consciousness that not only gives me clarity, but provides clarity to clients I work with for my intuitive HyFi Sessions. HyFi is Heighten Your Frequency Intuitively.

My meditative state is my happy place and also my get real place where I face my deepest resistance. It’s there that I create the positive changes I want to implement, release strong and powerful emotion and resistance and connect to a sense of purpose for the rise in consciousness.

There are no accidents when it comes to our present circumstances. They reflect exactly what is magnified and what needs to be seen. Reflecting and observing myself is exactly what I do for a couple hours in the tank. I get to see where I’m at and how I’m working against myself.

In the tank, I could totally see where I’d been working against myself ‘lately’ or even just on the trip. I had been on vacation for over 7 days and this was the first day that I allowed myself to just be.

That’s probably why I was so tired the night before. I didn’t stop going on the entire trip, until this moment in the tank. Why can't I give myself more space? What am I afraid of?

I found that I am in a state of action, a time when action is not only required for the change that is occurring from within me, but the action is pulling at me as though I’m a magnet. The action is an aspect of my intuition on the material plane. Following it through action helps me to become more grounded as a person for this point in my life.

When I say taking action, I’m not talking about following my every impulse or filling my days with obligation or work. I’m talking about creating environments, spaces or circumstances for growth and connection.

I found this clarity through observing my thoughts, my judgements to myself, looking at the ways I thought I should be. I was able to come to a place of acceptance.

I believe that going into a tank for an extended period of time will bring you more clarity because you can’t avoid yourself. You’re not going to walk out early, just to avoid seeing the truth.  Are you? It’s worth a try right?

My truth, from this float, is that I am still prioritizing through my action some stuff that isn’t important anymore. Putting un-important to-do’s’ at the top of my list over creative stuff. I was putting some much importance on things that will get done in time. My old insecurities stems from a fear that I’ll neglect my family if I put my creative impulse first.

Thank you Float North County. I needed to just face it, see it and extinguish this from my mind. That aha! That’s why I went in.

After that ‘process’, I began to reflect on the aspects of me that are working well. I was reminded of the quote, “energy flows where attention goes.”

Meditation has driven me, saved me after my cancer diagnosis. Meditation has brought me pure inspiration, deeper connection in love, more friends, helped me break free from the limited beliefs, and begin to face emotions I ran and hid from.

Meditation has helped me believe in the magic of the universe that’s occurring every day, all around us. And then celebrate the way it comes to form. Meditation is life and living is the practice. They’re not separate.

Who I was when I did a long float in 2022 is a completely different person from who I am now in 2023. I imagine if I am ever called to float for a long time in the future, I will embody much different aspects of ‘myself’.

The truth is that when you spend that much time in a quiet and meditative state, one opens up to different aspects of wisdom or consciousness that come from within. 

I got to connect with an aspect of higher consciousness that brought me clarity. 

Instantly, as I sensed the clarity coming in, I began asking a million questions about my future or about what’s going to happen in the world. Immediately, I caught myself. (Thank goodness!)

You cannot access higher wisdom through the mind.

The wisdom that came in, I know I will remember for years to come.

"to answer your questions... It will be revealed.”

That was it.

It will be revealed. I stared scanning my questions:

What's next for me?

When will I move to another country?

What will I be like when I’m 50?

Higher dimensional wisdom is always simple like that.

We’re entertaining and distracting ourselves by ‘trying’ to access anything other than the now.

That’s why I’m not trying anymore. Because now that I’ve stopped trying I can be. I can let it reveal itself. It's surrender, acceptance and a greater knowing that I'm here for a reason. 

And then, I’ll notice when I be hungry, or when I be inspired or I be tired. And then take inspired action towards it.

Towards the middle of my float, I got out to use the restroom and have some water and I decided to check the time. I’ve gotta have three hours left, at least I thought.

It turned out I had been in the tank for over seven and a half hours. I went back inside and enjoyed the last few minutes of serene bliss with every cell in my body smiling, vibrating and glowing.

Whatever it is you are seeking in life, I urge you to trust that it will be revealed (in a float tank).


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