Frequency Work

My intention with frequency work is to be of service to align you to the highest state of your imagination, helping you to realize your unlimited potential. 
I work with your higher self to clear and remove blocks that keep you from experiencing life on a higher frequency. My gifts are deeply rooted in expression and creativity.
Through work on releasing my own trauma, I have cleared enough to be able to help others connect to their original essence and expression. 
I work at the quantum level to clean up your blocks and bring clarity to your original essence and expression of life. 
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Simplicity Session
Imagination Recalibration Sessions 
Concrete Clarity Sessions
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Available dates:
7/17 to 7/21 4PM (CDT) |  5 PM (CDT)
7/25 to 7/29 4PM (CDT)  |  5 PM (CDT)
8/1 to 8/2 4PM (CDT)     |  5 PM (CDT)
8/8 to 8/12 4PM (CDT)  |  5 PM (CDT)
8/15 to 8/19 4PM (CDT)  |  5 PM (CDT)
8/22 to 8/23 4PM (CDT)   |  5 PM (CDT)
Thank you for your patience as we find a scheduling software that works for us.  


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