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Thus far, my journey has been a busy one of overcoming physical, mental and emotional hurdles and I am now growing even more in my connection to source and what I call the Momento (others call it the Eternal Now).

My intention with frequency work is to align you to the highest state of your imagination, helping you to remember your grand self. It is also my intention to help guide and deepen your meditation practice or connection to spirit. 

A session will help connect you to your original essence, personal style and expression of life. HyFi, Heighten Your Frequency Intuitive Sessions are my style of energy work.

Sessions are 60-75 minutes and done over the phone or in person at my office in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. These sessions look like a guided meditation in which you are led to a higher state of consciousness and I am able to tap into your field and bring a sense of clarity and affirmation as to why things have been a certain way for you. 

I connect with your higher self and am led to know different things about you and prioritize what needs to be re-organized first. I work with your higher self to bring you into the state of you at your purest form. 

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If you require a different time, please email me and we can something that fits. 


I offer $45 sessions on the first Sunday of each month at The Pearl of Door County. These can be done over the phone or in person as well. These sessions are 30minutes. 

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