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Thus far, my journey has been one of overcoming physical, mental and emotional hurdles. I am now growing even more in my connection to the infinite and what I call the Momento, the present moment where everything is connected. After an awakening during my battle with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, I have opened up to an expanded consciousness. It is my mission to share my gifts with others to inspire connection and connect people to inspiration.

My intention with HyFi is to align you to the highest state of your imagination, helping you to remember your grand self. I believe we create our reality, so as creatives we must all release blocks, which are why we are creating lives that aren't as bright and shiny as they could be! Thankfully, HyFi helps and quickly! 

HyFi is Heighten your Frequency intuitively.

Working with me will help connect you to your original essence, personal style and expression of life. In sessions and meditations, we work together beyond the confines of the physical reality creating edits or changes on an energetic level. Some feel these shifts through tingling, sensations in the body, colors or feelings of elatedness. Others, just feel a presence of grounded-ness.

One on one sessions are like a mental spa day, connecting you to a higher state of your own consciousness. 

With my claircognizient ability I am able to tap into your field and get information that is marked on your spirit body (aura) and around you. This area of "us" stores information, trauma and past lives and also what's coming in.

Clients have experienced profound shifts, healing of physical trauma, higher connection to their creativity, overcome addictions, a sense of moving on and more opportunities opening up. 

Our HyFi community is growing and the work is very powerful! Join me for our next HyFi Meditation Series or Retreat!

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