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My intention with frequency work is to be of service to align you to the highest state of your imagination, helping you to remember your unlimitedness. A session will help connect you to your original essence, personal style and expression of life. 

After a life altering diagnosis of Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2016, I was connected to my higher purpose in life. To inspire connection. The path to this began through establishing the Amador Collective, creating cards for tangible connection.

Along my path to recovery and healing since my diagnosis, I began to uncover uncovered claircognizant abilities that I've had since I was a child. These abilities were latent although had never stopped trying to reach me. Having cancer opened up the connection to these abilities and a communication with a higher level of consciousness, the all that is. 

As I began to remember, learn and work through my own blocks, I found frequency work in 2019.  I began to identify my own limitations or frequency distortions and work with frequency "healers" to create momentum in releasing what was keeping me from accessing my true nature. 

I've focused vigilantly on releasing the difficulty and ailments that had made up my identity pre-cancer.

Thus far, my journey has been a rich one of overcoming physical, mental and emotional hurdles and I am now growing even more in my connection to source and what I call the momento (others call it the Eternal Now). I am here to help and connect others to their own original essence. I work in the quantum field to release distortion, clear past lives and other energetic incongruencies to bring you into further alignment and clarity. One of my functions is to challenge in order to ignite change in people. 

In a session we will work with your higher self in the field of higher consciousness to bring you to where your spirit wants to be! 

Frequency work sessions are done over the phone or in person. All sessions are recorded. You will be sent your recording within 2 business days to listen to again if you like. 

In person:


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Who I work with: Karen Cheong, Spherical Luminosity 
Interested in learning more about Frequency Work?
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I am not affiliated with Spherical Luminosity but choose to share their work for the educational purposes and pure evolution of consciousness. 


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