Inviting Your Inner Kid

Have you ever noticed all the things we stop doing when we aren’t kids anymore?

I feel like every day I'm hearing about a new product that helps adults become more like kids. Do we really need a product to change our perspective? 

For sure when we throw in the distraction devices (phones) and we’re way to be too busy (being distracted) to be in our creative, kid mind. It’s no wonder being creative (for fun) and finding healthy ways to relax is such a challenge for adults.

Kids are super spontaneous. They aren't thinking about their future plans. They aren't day dreaming about their next escape aka vacation. They aren't yearning for connection outside of the present moment. A kid yearning for connection probably looks more like a tantrum, but I'm not a mom, so I don't exactly know. 

Adults, we live in our head. We're in a place of thinking, progress, goals. A place where, for most people, work and play are separate. When I think about a grown up who killed it at being an adult I think of Willy Wonka and his factory. I hope that's what you imagine when you think of me at the Amador Collective HQ. Because today my hands are covered in ink and intuitive dance party is on my schedule. 

Willy Wonka made his whole work day a play day. 


I am super passionate about expressive art, creativity and how those acts can help us on the path to personal growth and enjoying a slower, more expansive life.

So here are three we stop doing when we grow up. You might be sparked to see how you can invite an aspect of this child play back in. 

  1. Scream or yell when we play.  It's laugher, big exhales, random noises and talking to ourselves and intuitive sounds that open us up to feeling more comfortable with the unpredictability of expression and come more into the present moment.
  2. Physical play dates with friends, I know, that sounds sexual, but I mean it, as adults our play dates revolve around consumption, eating, coffee, shopping. For kid, a party or play date has physical activity as the main attraction. Going to the park, coloring or going to the beach are the vibe and food is kind of an afterthought. Sure, I have friends I walk and talk with, but what about going to do something like a trampoline park, dolphin watching, painting on pottery? How about those as friend dates. 
  3. Checking out thru daydreaming after a long day. I was recently with a friend who has two awesome girls, ages 5 and 7 and I got to hang out with them on their drive home from school. Both of the girls were zoned out, in that space before a nap and before being completely checked out. It was kind of a trance which I very much remembered by the look on their faces. It was like a zone out to recenter, and that’s something I think adults need more of. I’d call it a merge moment, where we need a second to wrap up what’s just happened before we start to gear up for what’s next.
  4. Snack time. I was lucky. My mom was a super fun snack maker. She would cut ice-cream sandwiches into little cubes, we'd get a variety of pretzels, cheese, salami and grapes. It was the early charcuterie days. So, are you doing this for yourself? I just got off of a 14 day food detox, which was basically IMHO an opportunity to spoil myself with the best, freshest and most nourishing snacks/foods. How are you being a parent to yourself in the way you feed yourself? This is something that I think could foster some nurturance. That extra effort for yourself is the gold. 

I really find it interesting that an adult check out has to look like meditation or a power nap. Why can't it just be, I'm in a daze right now'. Adults are just busier, it's true and I say we don't need answers to these questions but just to observe how adult we have become.

Let's just start feeling into weather or not our inner kid wants to come out and play every once in a while. I'd like to point out that adults do play an awesome role in structuring and making certain activities possible for lil ones. So maybe the part of us that's adult like and likes to plan stuff creates a cool outing or toolkit for our inner child. Start being the inner parent for your inner kid. That's a balanced way to bring in some twinkly magic! 


What are you doing to become more connected to your inner kid? 

Please let me know what you think in the comments below!




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