Still Here to Sparkle

If I'm being totally honest, this year I've had more of those I want to call it quits moments than I've since I started this brand in 2018. Part of it was because sales have been slower than ever. I'm stocked on inventory for what I thought was going to be a big year! But, with the quiet time, came space for me to reconnect with a voice within me that said, keep going.
A few nights ago, I was journaling in front of the fireplace and setting some intentions for the next month. The future feels a bit unclear to me at this moment. Amador Collective is not where I thought it would be at this time. But, as my journey has taught me, there are no mistakes. 
In that moment of journaling, I didn't even write it, I thought to myself, I would love a sign to know that continuing giving my love, passion and vision to this brand is what I'm meant to be doing. I kept writing. 
It was late, but I went out for a walk beneath the dark sky and enjoyed probably my favorite luxury of living in a small town, millions of visible stars. I slept like a rock that night and woke up the next morning to check into my computer…. A sale, on my website, placed at 11:43PM. 
43 is my number. 
If you have read the story behind the meaning behind my journals, you know it's 43 pages. Because 4 is the number of work and 3 is the number of creativity. Also, my life path number is 4, which means that I am meant to build tangible things that connect, like the four directions. Jon A, my husband, his life path number is 3 and this guides him to be fueled by the feeling of flow and engage in what takes him into that creative flow state. 
There are so many synchronicities with the number 34 and 43 when it comes to our relationship. We met off exit 43, at the time I lived off exit 34 and his address was 1204, which when added together, comes out to 7. The night we met, night of our first date, date of engagement, and wedding all adds up to 7. And so do each of our names, end in the number 7. Amador Collective vibration number is also 77. And the types of car Jon is into the, M3, vibration is 43. 
Needless to say, this 11:43PM was significant. I logged into the shop's site and guess what, order number it was… #1134. I was like, holy shit, okay, I hear you.
I looked up the name meaning of the person who placed the order and their name means “Messenger from God”. 
The 11 part, well, 11 is the number of enhanced intuition, the number of everything being connected and magnified. 
So, I'm going to keep giving it my best heart centered effort. And now you got to read about the little game I play with myself and the language of the universe. Whether it's my imagination or a real message that's communicating with me, doesn't matter so much, because it's the extra sparkle that got me sitting here this morning. 
I'm always using this kind of intuitive guidance to create the goods you see on my site. After I release cards or journals, I notice that there always seems to be a little extra synchronicity and magic infused into the goods, that I didn't put there. 
There's always more than meets the eye. And we can feel that extrasensory information when we place a soft attention to it. I hope that's something you feel when you look at or hold something I've made. It's infused with a little something more and that's why I'm not giving up. As long as the signs keep coming, I will keep on sharing and creating with you. 
XO Daniela 


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