Movies for Lovers

This is Daniela Garcia Allie, reporting live from Amador Collective HQ. We're getting ready for the loveliest holiday, V-Day and sending you some inspiration to get in the mood for lots of sappy romance. Whether you're cozying up to your boo or a wandering arrow, looking to manifest your forever bae, let these films lead the way!  

Each title has a link, so it's easy to click it and see where you can stream or rent! Hope you enjoy some of my favorite titles, olde and new. 

Movies for Lovers: 

Moonrise Kingdom (2012): When this movie came out, I thought it was the most incredible satire, laughing at the things adults, in love do. After all, aren't we just kids that grew up a little bit. 

Let this one help you take yourself a little less seriously. Guarantee you'll be listening to Francois Hardy's Le Temps De L'amour! on repeat! 

Twilight (2008):  Mmmm, the story of Bella and Edward. Set in the moody backdrop of Forks, WA, this is a story that'll make you feel like love can pass from one lifetime to another. 
It made me believe that it's possible to meet someone and never look back. 
About Time (2013): This one pulls at my nostalgic heart strings. Begging the question, that if you loved someone, would you live your days over and over just to notice the little things you love about them even more? I get goosebumps just thinking about it. 
The cast is incredibly sweet and I love the role of this wacky sister in this one and the romantic setting of the family's home in coastal England. 


Before Sunrise (1995): When you're a romantic on the hunt for love, there's this magical feeling, every where you go, that anyone you meet could be your person. 

A chance encounter brings these two together and there's an instant magnetism between them. In the early phases of love, you're never too tired for anything. 

A Star Is Born (2018): In the mood for a a good cry?

The chemistry between these two characters makes you feel like you're on stage with them. 

This tragic movie can be deeply triggering and sad. It is incredibly well done, with an original soundtrack that will blow your mind and make you cry your eyes out. 


Sabrina (1995): This movie deeply influenced my idea of an ideal party. My wedding was completely inspired by the elegant parties in this movie and I didn't realize it until years after the occasion. 

The narration and evolution of Sabrina brought me to know that love doesn't always look like what we expect. And nothing better than a big surprise, right? 


Overboard (1987):  Most of the movies on this list are romantic more than anything but this one, I laugh just thinking of it.

Elegant taste meets the smell inside Home Depot. A chance meeting that passionately ensues REVENGE! 

This film show us that even if they aren't what we'd expect, when we're drawn to someone, it's stronger than us. 

The Notebook (2004):  Some films influence (or program) what we think is possible. Thanks to this film, I was influenced to believe in the power of love. 

Magnetic, needy, and trying to so hard to be grown up, these two just can't get past the youthful romance that drew them together. 


Let yourself laugh, cry and appreciate all the love that has brushed your life.

You are incredible! 


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