Living Lessons: My Trip to Sedona

We are moving in the next few months and my spirit is filled with forward momentum, so a few weeks ago I decided to hit the road to Sedona, Arizona. It was my first long road trip by myself. There’s nothing like the open road to air out your thoughts and gain clarity on life. I needed space to integrate my personal growth of the past year. 

 I ventured out towards the Red Rocks, completely unsure of what I would discover. For every triumph and manifestation, there was a challenge, and the lessons came through experiences.

Here's some of what I uncovered on my trip. 

1. Trust myself. As I checked into the hotel on a Wednesday evening, I walked into the  room to find that my window looked out to a grass patch where I could see dogs owners walking their pets to do their business. I didn’t skimp on my hotel, I wanted this to be a self care trip and have learned to value myself. So my dilemma stood, do I stay here and make the best of this room, knowing that I may get a waft of something if I decided to sit on my balcony? Or do I go down to the front desk and request a change. Long story short, I connected with Rhonda at the front desk and she gladly switched my room, after I tipped her. God Bless the hospitality industry in 2020. Once I got to my new room, I knew I made the right choice. The moon was rising and the room had a view of the Red Rocks from the balcony this time and that was more than I could have wished for. 


2. Head the Call. The next morning I woke up early to pee and I checked out the window, it was still dark, 4:24am. I thought to myself, I could sleep for six more hours (no joke) or I could check what time the sunrise is… It was to come up in an hour. Sedona is known for incredible energy vortexes in which the measure of the frequency of the rocks is measured to heal the air and field. I gathered my things, brushed my teeth and out I went. I arrived to the closest vortex, about eight minutes from my hotel, before sun up. It was incredible to witness the peace of dawn and be one with the magic of the sun.


3. Chill. By that afternoon, I was exhausted. I slept like 5 hours and I was in a mental battle with myself. You’re on vacation and you’re just going to sit here? I realized, this was a test. As an on the go individual, it was out of my comfort zone to just relax. I was not able to fall asleep, but I did manage to order in and do nothing. Not draw, not journal, nothing. Just be. This was probably the biggest lesson from the trip, that sometimes, doing things differently is doing nothing.


4. Inspired Non Action. I began to apply the chill concept to my active creative mind. If I got the idea to text someone, to check social, find a shop, buy something or to write down an idea. I let it pass me by like a ship at sea. This showed me a component of trust in myself and The Momento, that the flow will never end. I have been practicing this non action since my trip, and it has helped me to stay focused throughout my day.


5. Get over it. The last day in Sedona was amazing. I woke up and went to the most incredible vortex. I could feel the ancient wisdom of nature among me. I have never gotten a feeling like this from a place. I want to a house in Sedona after going to this spot. On my hike I crossed paths with javelina, two snakes, a bear track, and a deer that held eye contact with me after I crossed a bridge (that felt like a sign). This day was magic, driving out of that canyon I had my windows down and I was on cloud 9. Then, all of the sudden, a cop in my rearview. Yes, I got a speeding ticket! I was speeding, it was my fault and it was my test. This happened for me to learn how to brush things off. To be honest, until I sat down to write this, I forgot about it! Well, I got it, drove off and I shrugged it off letting the lesson integrate.


The experiences of those days changed me. I feel that I have crossed a threshold of my mind, I am now one with my intuition and I can confidently say, that I trust myself. I feel strong and in alignment, enjoying the adventure of each day, even at home.


What’s coming up for Amador Collective is The Momento. A 3 week creative journey to get you hands on and inspired with art projects all developed by me. This workshop is inspired by my work with expressive art and my connection to spirit. It will uncover the messages of your higher self and hopefully inspire you to see the magic that is already all around you. Launch date is 11/11.





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