A Guide to the Perf Card

We've all been there, the last minute pharmacy run, sitting in the car outside the birthday party or dinner. What to say in the card, where to start...

The truth is that the birthday card often is shackled to the low list of priorities when it comes to celebrating someone's trip around the sun. But it shouldn't be that way. Because to be honest, your friend is going to use your gift for a few months or years if you really nailed it, but if you write something heartfelt in the card, it is a guarantee they will keep it, reviewing it for years to come when they stumble upon their old card stash. 

Here are some tips for writing the perfect card!

Tip number one, take up space. 

We all know the people who keep it simple, Happy Birthday, Love, Joe. Truth is, when someone gives me a card like that, year after year, my impulse is to skip the card and go straight into the gift. I'm more polite than that so I don't do it, but my brain does not release serotonin for Joe's cards. But it does for Jon's, my husband, who is an incredible card writer. 

So, open up the card nice flat so it looks like a big piece of paper and write their NAME or HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAME in big letters across the top. Use a marker if your handwriting is typically small. Add a balloon drawing, or two, maybe some hearts, stars, a yin yang, draw a cake, a birthday candle or a crown. Get doodly!

That's the way you signal your brain to get in expression mode. 

Now, line one, say something about them. Not, you're another year older. A compliment or something about how they have turned a new chapter... How about this, It's all happening, you've uncovered a beautiful new chapter in your life, I can't believe all you've overcome. 

Next, how you feel about them, a positive feeling, we're not being brother sister caddy here. I admire you so much because no matter how hard things got at work, you always kept a positive vibe. OR I am in awe of the wise person you've grown into, you always have the best advice. 

:))Meat, the thank you. Yes, we're about to unload the best and most important part, and I did refer to it as meat. But we're here for the hearty party. See what I did there...

Thank you for always being a source of light for our family. OR You're generosity inspires me, thank you for always sharing your great wealth with me!! 

Farewell, the send off. I know you'll create even more beauty this year! Or You'll continue to grow and persevere this year!! Or Everything you're working towards will come into your life this year, I just know it! 

Love always, Amador. 


That's it. Simple formula. 5 Parts, take up space. Make it colorful. And you'll see that writing a card is not only a gift for them, but a fun and uplifting journey of expression for yourself too! 


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