Introducing the Amador Collective journal. lightweight, 43 pages, intended to encapsulate  the current chapter of your life. An invitation to evolve from your current self and move on to the next chapter, with a fresh start. The number 43 has personal significance as well. 4 is the number of practical matters here on earth. It is a balanced number that represents work. The number 4 is the “get shit done” number, and let’s be honest, we all want to be proficient with our time, with our personal growth. The 4 represents work on the self. 3 is the number of creativity and spirit. Together (in case you didn’t know), 4 + 3 = 7. The vibration of 7 is symbolic for it’s spiritual representation, as well as bringing an energy of inner wisdom along the spiritual quest. This is where these 43 pages will lead you, inward.

The paper has been intentionally chosen for a heightened sensory experience. Newsprint paper is what we first learn to write on in Pre-K. Whether you are a youngster in the world of interspace travel or a highly awakened being, the pages of this journal will hug your words, the stroke of your pen, and engage to physically become a part of your life as it unfolds. Using the newsprint paper that we once used when learning how to write, evokes a feeling from the past.e We bring the nostalgic feeling back to the present, and create new memories.

Lastly, the journal is intentionally blank on one side and lined on the other -a reflection of our left and right brain. The left page of the journal is blank. The left side of our brain is the analytical side, open space invites more creativity to that side of the brain. Use it to doodle, make diagrams, calculate, collage or doodle. The right side has lines. The right brain is the creative brain, and the lines invite you to become organized with your genius. Make a plan, write a story, find balance in  your creativity.

These journals are designed to spark creativity and set intentions. It’s your invitation to connect with yourself on a higher frequency and understand all aspects of yourself and your life.

Amador Collective will debut journals with 4 varying design covers. The entire first Chakra Collection of eight journals will debut over the course of 2020. When stacked on a shelf,  the curated spiral coils reflect the divine colors of the rainbow.

Be guided by your own light, aspire to inspire, engage with life and most importantly, have FUN living #inthemomento with Amador Collective handmade journals.


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