spirit of amador


Daniela Garcia Allie is the creator and founder of Amador Collective, a stylish line of eclectic greeting cards and keepsakes, ingeniously crafted to inspire connection and celebrate both the milestones and everyday moments in the lives of modern day eccentrics and radically free spirits. Passionate about the art of authentic communication, Daniela is a down-to-earth creative with a transcendent brilliance that is immediately infectious. Her personal journey has been one of intense soul-searching in the wake of her own life-changing battle with cancer at age 29 in 2016. During the difficult recovery process, Daniela discovered her dharma is deeply rooted in creating art and driving human connection. Trusting her inner voice, Daniela bravely transformed her own life path and established herself as an artist with a powerful vision and steadfast creative drive. 



Amador Collective was born in 2018, and is an ever-evolving line of distinct, design forward greeting cards and colorful keepsakes that reflect Daniela’s own nostalgia infused personal style, as well as her openhearted outlook on life. In a busy tech-saturated world, each Amador Collective card encourages real conversations and tangible, offline exchanges.


Through the Collective, Daniela is dedicated to sharing her wisdom with the world, inspiring everyone to slow down and wholly embrace life’s vibrations on a higher frequency.


 a message to you from Daniela